Hello everyone! I want to wish you a Happy New Year in 2019 and enjoy writing with a fountain pen ! 🙂 I would like to start 2019 with a review dedicated to a special fountain pen – the KAWECO Dia 2.

Summary conclusion: I was surprised by the build quality, the elegant design and the excellent performance of this fountain pen in general.

The KAWECO Dia 2 fountain pen is a model less known in the KAWECO line-up of pens and I think this is a shame! This pen deserves a lot more attention and consideration. As you can see from the below images we have a classic design with references to a vintage KAWECO model from the ’30s.

The KAWECO logo is present on the cap jewel and also on the end of the barrel. The design of the cap is interesting; it features fine grooves in a circular patter just above the metal clip of the fountain pen. The model name and country of origin is imprinted on the back of the cap. The cap has 2 metal rings which add to the overall impression of the “vintage look” of the pen. The fountain pen has a screw-on cap and it takes only one rotation to be uncapped or capped. This makes the Dia 2 a suitable fountain pen for quick notes without issues!

The clips has a beautiful shape and it is very sturdy; I tested it out wearing the pen with a jacket and the clip has done an excellent job in holding the pen in the internal pocket without being too strong or affecting the jacket material. If you bend over you will be certain that the pen won’t fall off your pocket 🙂 We have the classic arrow with the Kaweco text logo – nice and elegant!

All of the materials used to create this pen are quality materials and they feel solid; we have a combination of acrylic resin, brass and steel with a black “piano finish” and silver trims. The section of the pen has a rubber ring to improve resistance to ink starvation but also to act as a stopper for the pen barrel when it is screw on the section.

The section has an “hour glass” shape and a comfortable length – ~ 2 cm; writing with this pen is a pleasure because of the section shape despite the total 29 grams in weight. The body itself weighs 20 grams which makes it for a suitable pen for long writing sessions. The section has 2 metal rings one just above the nib and another one near the cap threads.

In terms of the overall size – the Dia 2 is not a big pen; capped, it measures 132 mm with 124 mm without the cap; this places the pen from my point of view between Pelikan M400 and Pelikan M600 in terms of size. As I mentioned before, it can be used comfortably in a shirt pocket or a suit jacket.

The cap can be posted securely and without issues. Also the cap doesn’t add a lot of weight to the pen so it can be used in this way for long writing sessions.

The Dia 2 uses the standard “no. 4” KAWECO steel nib. My pen has a Fine nib which writes excellent without any issues straight out of the box; it looks like KAWECO is taking extra care for the Dia 2 nibs when they ship out the pen. The nib unit can be unscrewed easily and allows for quick change of nib sizes! The feed is made out of plastic and it does the job quite well.

The first time I saw in real time the Dia 2 I thought – Parker Duofold standard! 🙂 As you can see from the below images the 2 pens have a lot in common in terms of overall design with notable differences when it comes to the nib size and it’s material and the clip shape. The 2000 era Duofold that I own is also lighter than the Dia 2 but it lacks the feel of robustness that the Dia 2 has in my opinion.

“The Ace in the pocket” for the Dia 2 fountain pen is how easy you can upgrade to a KAWECO 14k gold nib and at a good price! I had the opportunity to test out 2 gold Medium nibs with this pen and I can tell you that the experience was excellent! The gold nib was very well polished and it wrote flawlessly coming close to the experience offered by my Pelikan M600 Fine nib.

The cap has an inner cap that protects the pen against ink starvation. The protection system works without issues; I can leave the pen unused for weeks, pick it up and it will write every time consistently and without flow issues.

The fountain pen cames in a stylish pen box but with no converter, just an ink cartridge. The barrel has an internal spring used to hold in place the second ink cartridge if you choose to use the pen in this way. In my case I just used a K5 Schimdt converter that fitted without any issues in the pen.


KAWECO is a long time manufacturer of writing instruments; based in Germany, KAWECO was founded in 1883. The brand was bought and revived in 1994 by a German company. You can read about their history here. While not all “revivals” of old brands are successful, the company that bought the brand managed to relaunch the Sport pocket range and other writing instruments and got the brand KAWECO known again in the world of writing instruments.

Technical Specs


  • Material: acrylic and metal (brass, steel) chromed accessories
  • Weight: 29 g / cap 9 g / body 20 g
  • Length: with the cap 132 mm / without the cap 124 mm
  • Ink filling system: international standard converter or ink cartridges
  • Ink capacity: ~ 1.2 ml
  • Ink protection system: yes, in the cap
  • Other: the cap can be posted on the pen body deeply and securely; the cap is a screw-on cap and it takes one rotation to be unscrewed.


  • Manufacturer: Kaweco (Bock), Germany
  • Size: no. 4 in a Fine point
  • Material: steel silver tone nib
  • Section shape: hourglass
  • Section diameter: ~ 9 – 10 mm
  • Section length: 2 cm


The Dia 2 is meant to be a “serious” fountain pen, a business environment fountain pen so we don’t have color variations. There is only black with a “piano finish” and silver and gold metal trims. The gold trim version of the pen is more expensive than the silver trim version.

Writing sample

I tested the Dia 2 both with a Fine steel nib and also with a Medium 14k gold nib. Both nibs performed excellent with the gold nib having the best writing experience!

I used in my writing sample 3 types of paper: a 120 gsm dotted paper by Mondi, 90gsm lined paper by Clairefontaine and the best paper for fountain pens – Tomoe River in 56gsm.

The paper used for the writing sample is 120 gsm and is produced by Mondy; the ink flow is a decent one with the Fine steel nib – medium to wet just how I like it. The gold nib is even better with the feedback reduced if I compared to the steel Fine nib.

Here is the Tomoe River paper writing sample with the same nibs.

Here is the Clairefontaine paper writing sample with the same nibs.

The pen is long enough to be comfortable without posting the cap; the shape of the section allows for multiple gripping points; you can even use the pen by holding it near the cap threads with no issues; and as I mentioned before the cap can be posted securely and deeply.

PRO’s & CON’s

The below pro’s & con’s are based on my own experience with the fountain pen; your experience may be different so please take the points as optional



Final impression

So what is my final impression?! Does the KAWECO Dia 2 fountain pen deserves to be in my personal collection? YES – it does! I am very pleased with the pen; it is a pen that surprised me with its elegance, quality and robustness. The fact that you can upgrade easily to a gold 14k nib and still be under the 200 EURO mark is excellent!

If you are looking for an elegant, stylish fountain pen to wear in your shirt pocket or in a pen sleeve and make an impression this fountain pen can be a good candidate 🙂 !

I bought it from…

The KAWECO Dia 2 fountain pen is widely available at all online retailers; it costs with the steel nib around 80 EURO with the gold nib option costing around 100 EURO depending on location. I am an authorized retailer for Romania and as with all the pens I sell, I always try them in my own collection before selling them to my pen community and customers; so I can testify to the quality of this fountain pen!

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  1. Just curious mine doesn’t come with a black rubber ring for the barrel. Is this a newer version that comes with it or did mine just drop somewhere while packing?

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